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V International Chess Open Sant Adrià 2023

By on May 15, 2023 in competiciones, portada, Torneos

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IMPORTANT: Change of playing location: The new location will be the CFA Sant Adrià de Besòs (Fiveller Building) Joan Fiveller Street, 11, 5 minutes from the subway and the previous location.


  1. The tournament is open to all players who are licensed by the Catalan Chess Federation, FEDA or FIDE, so it is approved for FCE, FEDA and FIDE in the two groups and rules of MC, MI and GM in group A. The tournament belongs to the XIX Catalan Open Circuit International of the Chess Catalan Federation as an applicant. The entire regulations of the Circuit can be consulted on the web
  1. The Swiss system based on valuation will be applied, using the software Swiss Manager, forming two groups: in group A will be the players of a rating of 1950 Fide or higher in the list of rating Fide of 1 of August and in the Group B will be players with a 1949 Fide or lower rating, unless they have a Catalan rating of 2050 or higher. In this case they will have to play the group A obligatorily. Any player may request to play in Group A when he or she registers. If you do not say anything, you will be enrolled in group B. Who voluntarily participates in group A, renounces to score in the three lower sections to 1950 Fide, for the prizes of this tournament and for the XIX Circuit Catalan International Opens.
  1. 9 rounds will be played for eight consecutive days, from friday 11th to 18 August, the two days included. Two rounds will be played on Sunday 13th august. The game venue will be CFA Sant Adrià de Besòs (Fiveller Building) Joan Fiveller Street, 11, to 5 minuts Underground M. L2 Artigues-Sant Adrià. The local are adapted for disabled physically and has air conditioning.
  1. The game sessions will begin at 17:00 p.m. for the two groups, except for game on august 13 and 18 will be 9:30 am. The time control will be for the two groups of 90 minutes to finish plus 30 seconds increment for made move. In both groups you will always annotet all the move.
  1. Las cuotas de inscripción serán:
PLAYERS < 18 and + 65 40 €
PLAYERS C.E. Sant Adrià without discount 20 €
PLAYERS < 18 and + 65 35 €
PLAYERS C.E. Sant Adrià without discount 20 €

There will be a discount of 5 € if the entry of the registration is made the Caixabank account
ES17 2100 0098 8002 0046 7947 before sunday of August 6, indicating obligatorily the name and surname of the player (s). First-degree relatives will receive an extra € 5 discount for the second and subsequent members. The disabled players recognized by the FCE will have € 5 extra discount on what they had to pay. One player only is possible add two discounts.

Players invited by the organization are excluded from the registration fee.

  1. Las inscripciones se pueden hacer hasta el jueves 10/08/2023 a las 20:00 horas, momento que se cerrará la inscripción, en los teléfonos:
93 308 24 25 Ricard Llerins 21:00 to 23:00 h.  MASTERS
627 44 84 60 Daniel Gómez 10:00 to 22:00 h.

The registration can also be done by sending an email to the address
where you will receive a confirmation email. The official page of the tournament will be where the inscriptions, games, pairings and the classifications will be
published. Players can be entered in the second round of the tournament starting with 0 points. The limit
of subscribers is 180 players between the two groups. The organization reserves the right to admit or
cancel an entry.

  1. The Director of the Tournament will be Mr. Lluís Ródenas Balañá. The referees will be Mr. Miquel
    Fernández-Díaz Mascort (AI) as the Main Referee and Mr. Ricard Llerins Bonet and Daniel Gómez
    Cortés as Deputy Referees, who belong to the CTA of the FCE. A Competition Committee will be formed consisting of the tournament director and 3 players selected during the first round of play. Arbitral decisions may be appealed in writing to this Committee before the end of the daily game session. Their decisions will be final and unappealable. In order to be able to claim an official claims model will be available that will facilitate the direction of the tournament for players who want to use it.
  2. Habrá un total de 3.030 € en premios repartidos de la siguiente manera:
GROUP A 2100€ GROUP B 450 € RATING  480€ 
Champion 700 € & trophy Champion 150 € & trophy 1º ELO 2250-2400 50 €
Second 400 € & trophy Second 100 € & trophy 2º ELO 2250-2400 30 €
Third 300 € & trophy Third 100 € & trophy 1º ELO 2100-2249 50 €
4th 200 € 4th 50€ 2º ELO 2100-2249 30 €
5th 150 € 5th 50€ 1º ELO 1950-2099 50 €
6th 100 €     2º ELO 1950-2099 30 €
7th 100 €     1º ELO 1800-1949 50 €
8th 50 €     2º ELO 1800-1949 30 €
9th 50€     1º ELO 1650-1799 50 €
10th 50 €     2º ELO 1650-1799 30 €
        1º ELO <1649 50 €
        2º ELO <1649 30 €
Better woman group A trophy Better woman group A trophy    
1º C. E. Sant Adrià trophy 1º C. E. Sant Adrià trophy    
Better +65 years trophy Better +65 years trophy    
Better < 18 years trophy Better < 18 years trophy    

It is obligatory the attendance of the winning players to the delivery of prizes to collect the one that find
cattle, will be 18-08-2023 after finished last round, about 14:00h. The economic prizes are not
distributed or accumulated between tied to points. It will not be possible to accumulate a prize of the
general classification and one of tranche, and neither two trophy. If a player is assigned two incompatibly,
the direction of the tournament will assign the one of more economic value and if they were of the same
economic value the direction of the tournament will assign the one of general classification. To determine
the prizes of the sections will be served the FIDE or Catalan link if you do not have it. The prizes will be
paid by deducting the current legal withholding.


  1. The time to declare lost a game by default will be one hour from the official start time of the tournament. The players yield your image right and make fotograph to the organization or thirt people for diffusion chess open, results of games, or promotion of game chess.
  2. Will be remove of chess open the players watch the first round, or one round without justified
    cause. The rest of players will be scored with 0 points, and players only can made 2 rest. The thirt
    rest will be elimination chess open. To decide the final classification, the tiebreaks points between
    players, will be resolved through the following tiebreakers (with the Fide Adjustment of a virtual
    player): Brazilian Bucholz (or court of Bucholz-1), Bucholz medium and the total Bucholz. Once
    the last round of the tournament is over, the order of the first three will be drawn tiebreakers. If the tie persists, 4) the particular result will apply and 5) colour of game. In case of continues the tie, whin the player of black. Finally, will be made a raffle.
  3. Forms are property of the organization. It is forbidden to smoke in the game room, also electronic
    cigarettes, as well as to make use of mobile phones and other electronic devices susceptible to help theplayers, applying the FIDE regulations regarding this situation.
  4. Any point not foreseen in these bases will be solved applying the regulations of the FIDE, FEDA,
    FCE and the Catalan Open Circuit International. Participation in the tournament means acceptance of these rules.